Coordination of International Relations – CIR

The Coordination of International Relations (CIR) is a supplementary executive body which compounds the structure of the Universidade Estadual do Piauí. It has the role to advise the Upper Management, professors, students and technical-administrative employees on international relations joints, according to the Law nº 7.048/2017.

International Relations Coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Orlando Mauricio de Carvalho Berti

Telephones: (86) 3213-7441 (Ramal: 380) / (86) 3213-6075


CIR/UESPI Assignments

  • To formalize institutional agreements through HE interchanges of professors, students and employees from this University on various countries all over the world;
  • To contribute, together with students and professors, on the exchange of knowledge and experiences with academics from anywhere in the world;
  • To develop projects for interchange between countries;
  • To represent and to defend UESPI interests with public and private institutions on an international scale.

UESPI Cooperation Agreements

Each Cooperation Agreement foresees interchanges of all academic community for studying in their respective countries without any costs from the Education Institution which UESPI has a current agreement. The interested one will have to afford only traveling, insurance and maintenance costs.

It is the candidate’s responsibility to search in the website of each of the partners for their contact and see the offered courses, as well as the procedure of each University for an interchange registration. It is up to CIR to offer all the support to obtain all the needed documentation, mediating the official communication and the questions that refer to the candidate’s distance of our HEI. Any distance demand has to be done via general protocol.

Among the Universities that have a current agreement with UESPI, there are:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero (UAGro) – Mexico
  • Università di Bologna (UNIBO) – Italy
  • Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze – Italy
  • Universidade de Lisboa (ULISBOA) – Portugal
  • State University of New York (SUNY – Campus Oswego) – United States
  • Universidade do Porto (UPORTO) – Portugal
  • Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontifícia de San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca (USFX) – Bolivia


Through interinstitutional partnerships, UESPI offers many interchange opportunities and evaluation tests to verify knowledge and skills levels on a foreign language. Take a look on the main current partnerships:

  • Instituto Cervantes: through this partnership, UESPI became an Applicator Center of Examination of Spanish as a Foreign Language Diploma (DELE), official title given by the Ministry of Education and vocational training of The Institute has a national calendar which determines the applications deadline and the call notices of DELE tests. Obeying the official calendar, UESPI announces, on the institutional website, the dates in which the DELE tests would be applied.
  • Banco Europeu Santander: this agreement provides internship vacancies through Academic Empreas Program/Universia
  • Fulbright Brazil – this partnership offers a variety of scholarships and programs to meet the training needs of Brazilian students and researchers in close coordination with the Brazilian and US governments.